Council Meeting Austria

Jip van Schayik, Council Meeting Austria, Vienna, 15-22 November

After a few days of partying during the pre-CM we took the bus to the real event: The ESTIEM Council Meeting. The first night I was really surprised by the amount of people that participated in this event. Because of the fact that there were less than 300 ESTIEMers I mostly spend my first night talking to everyone I already knew from my few previous events.

After a great party I had to get up early the first morning, because the General Assembly (GA) started at 8:00 AM. The GA consisted mostly of presentations and applauding, sometimes interesting, sometimes boring. The rest of the week was a real ESTIEM event, every night a party, but being up on time for the serious work. The most interesting part was the last day, a few new project leaders were elected as well as the organiser for the council meeting of next year and the new ESTIEM board. With two new board members from Interactie elected, this part really lived up to its expectations. The week ended with a gala dinner to celebrate this awesome week.

I can look back at an exhausting event, with a lot of old friends, new friends and a lot of ESTIEM spirit.


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