Financial and Legal Committee Coordination Meeting

Tom Koolen, Financial and Legal Committee Coordination Meeting, Tallinn, 16-20 October

On the 16th of October I went to Tallinn, Estonia, to join the fellow committee members, including Stijn Zanders, of the Financial and Legal Committee. The event was a meeting of some of the persons who are involved in the Financial and Legal committee of ESTIEM and other persons with interest in Finance and Legal.  It is always good to meet the people you work with in real life, because working together is more efficient and nice than only talking on Skype of course.

The event was mainly focused on the development of the different parts of the committee. The Financial and Legal committee takes care of all legal and quite some of the financial aspects of ESTIEM, so during the day we worked on improving the current financial and legal situation of ESTIEM. Topics included the budget of the association and creating guidelines for things as voting.

The city itself was also great and it was also interesting to learn more about a country which is so “online” as Estonia. Experiencing the Estonian culture with a sauna was also really nice. All in all it was great to see friends and ‘colleagues’ from all over Europe again, meet new people and we’ve truly lived up to the work hard (by day), play hard (by night) principle.


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