Interactie Board update September

Dear members

It has been a few months since you last saw an Interactie board update, so let us enlighten you with what has been going on in our board.

We have been through many experiences and changes over the past few months. All of us have been working hard on our collective and personal goals, making progress in both.

IJfke had to make the tough decision to terminate her board position. This decision was made in the beginning of August and was quickly communicated with all relevant parties. The next month was marked by change as IJfke’s workload was divided among the rest of us, giving us all new things to discover. This was a difficult and busy time for all of us, as we had to learn how to take care of our new responsibilities. Now that the dust is settled and the new board composition is official, we are completely ready to continue as a 4-man team.

Nadja has been doing her standard tasks as treasurer well and with great discipline. The half year realization, as presented at the general assembly of the 9th of September, was an enormous effort with some complications. The Orientation Week project had just ended and it was difficult to draw up the realization for this event in so little time. Another main struggle was that the income from sponsorships has unfortunately been lower than expected, meaning that some costs had to be cut in the budget to make room for this. After many long hours, the half-year realization has been approved by the general assembly.

Nadja has also managed the Silver Strike team the best way she could. This challenge has resulted in an amazing event, sending 150 ESTIEMers and alumni home with wonderful memories. She is currently working together with the team for the incoming exchange with Linköping to ensure that our Swedish friends will have a great week here in Eindhoven!


Silver Strike participants enjoying a barbecue

Rens has been working the phone wherever possible. So far this hasn’t led to income from sponsors, mainly because many companies have cut their promotional expenses. We see opportunities in the near future since many companies will allocate money for sponsorships for next year within the next few months. He also started the new ‘drink committee’, which has the task of spicing up our members drinks with a cool activity.

Rens also has been working hard to execute all his new PR responsibilities, creating a nice structure for making and distributing promotional posters and leading the PR team.

Sebastian has been working together with the Orientation Week and Europe 3D+ teams to ensure high-quality events. The Orientation Week was concluded to be successful, as the international students had a blast and have been properly introduced to Eindhoven and each other. Europe 3D+ is still going strong as the event slowly approaches.

Additionally, the restructuring of the board meant the most change for Sebastian, as he took over the secretary function from IJfke. It took a few weeks, but he is now used to the new responsibilities and ready to rock the rest of the board term in this new position.

Our lovely president, Thijmen, has been managing the board, leading the board meetings, and besides has been working on his side projects. The company tour turned out to be a great event with satisfied participants. A new idea, the Second Trial Members Trip, was struggling to find participants and had a low amount of people travelling to Dortmund, nevertheless the participants had a blast and the true ESTIEM spirit was felt in its purest. We will continue this event, as we see great promise in it, but we recommend to start earlier with the promotion of it to attract more people.

Leading the board in the most difficult times has been very challenging, but Thijmen did a great job in ensuring a good new board composition and impeccable motivation from all our board members.

The 20th board will continue to work towards our board goals as stated in our board policy. Stay tuned for the next board update in which more words will be spoken about the progress of our board goals.

I want to leave you with an impression of the exchange that we had with Novi Sad, 20 Interactie members travelled to Serbia and had a blast with the amazing locals there!


The whole group in Novi Sad enjoying the weather at the famous clock tower platform.