Interactie Winter Exchanges

In December Interactie organised two winter exchanges to two different locations at the same time! Curious to see how it was?? Read below about Krakow and Istanbul.

Yves van Hoek, Exchange Krakow, 17-21 December

When we arrived at Krakow airport the mood was already set, there was a big group of ESTIEM members from Krakow waiting for us and they were all very happy to see us.
After dropping off our stuff we immediately started to explore Krakow. Some of us went to the Christmas fair being held on Krakow’s famous market square, others followed our Polish friends to a cheap pub to grab their first beers.

The following day we went on a city tour, during this tour we got Zapiekanka for lunch. This was a Polish type of fast food which was basically a pizza baguette with mushrooms. We had a party at the end of every night, and this night was no exception.
On the 3rd day we visited the Auschwitz concentration camp, It was a horrible but breathtaking thing to see and it silenced the whole group. Seeing the horrors that took place there in World War Two, made us aware of what happened back then in a way we never had been before.
The last day we had a big Poland vs. Holland volleyball match, we showed the polish what we were made of and beat them three victories to one. It was really fun to finally see all of the polish ESTIEM members together and everyone enjoyed themselves at the match.

I can look back on our trip and Krakow and say I’ve had a great time getting to know Poland and have a lot of new Polish friends to show for it.

Photo Echange Krakow


Pim Werkman, Exchange Istanbul, 17-22 December

On Thursday 17th of December Interactie went to Asia, I was allowed to join. The group was split in two, with one group going through Düsseldorf Airport and the other, which I was a part of, going through Schiphol. Despite all trains to Schiphol being delayed that day, we were still in time for the flight and set off to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport. After the long journey we met the members of LG Istanbul-ITU and had a great meal.

As one should expect from an Interactie event, during the day there was a serious program, and at night some serious partying. Two participants took the party especially serious, because they spent the time in the club with some local girls. The next day we went sightseeing through the old Constantinople seeing the Blue mosque, Hagia Sophia and the bazaars. Another  highlight was the company visit to Şişecam. This is a large Turkish multinational with facilities in 13 countries. The visit was very well organised, especially considering they only had one week to do it.

All in all I had an awesome time in Istanbul. I met so many different kind and interesting people. And even though I had a really hard time remembering all the Turkish names, I will always remember the people to whom these names belonged to.