Late Night Whistling

Lorenzo Scoppetta, Training New Trainers, Siegen, 12-18 October

Everyone met at Siegen, myself a little (too) early because I know how iffy public transport can be, and made our way to Trainingwarts; The first 4 days were spent in a large cottage in the mountains, more than an hour away from Siegen and technology. Have some time to wander around, look at the village, be back in time for the first training that afternoon.

Then the training started. We spent hours giving feedback to each other. It was getting late, but the program needed finishing. Some time to cool down at the end, have a friendly chat. Darn, better get in bed now, 2.5 hours isn’t all that much sleep to begin with.

Day by day, lots of trainings. Both location and trainings were amazing. Wake up the morning, do your duties, maybe make a coffee-run (in the freezing snow), undergo training and coffee dependency. Everyone was in a Harry Potter house, myself in Ravenclaw, and we battled for points and the grand prize. (What a prize it was.)

Move back to Siegen. Your own training is getting close. Reaching late hours just getting those last things done at their university. “Go back to your hosts?” Nonsense, sleep right in the same hall where the first trainings will be delivered in the morning. Increase coffee doses. Then the training was given, and everyone is proud and relieved. It was an awesome time, everyone felt like they learned a lot. LG Siegen just couldn’t believe one thing though:

We hardly drank any beer.


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