Summer Entrepreneurship Training

Stephanie Riffo Rodriguez, Summer Entrepreneurship Training, Istanbul Boğaziçi/Warsaw/Madrid, 15 Aug-6 Sep

This summer I most likely experienced the best ESTIEM event of my life. During three weeks I traveled together with 15 other participants from Istanbul to Warsaw to Madrid, to learn everything I need to know to someday be able to start up my own business.

In Istanbul we had a lot of lectures and entrepreneurial talks introducing us to the basis of entrepreneurship. Idea generation and teambuilding were the focus topics of this first week. Besides the city tour, the fancy networking events and the final party on the last night, I can for sure say this was one of the most work hard weeks I ever experienced at an ESTIEM event. The beautiful campus of Istanbul Boğaziçi gave us nice possibilities to get to know each other as well.

During the second week in Warsaw,  we had some more time to relax and freedom when it came to scheduling our worktime. During the visit to Microsoft, we pitched our idea and received some useful feedback on it. After another week of this time combined work and play hard we started our travel to our final destination. But as no travel can be without sacrifices, one of our participants lost his shoe on the way.

Without the shoe we arrived safely in Madrid, where these awesomely MAD local group members were waiting for us. In Madrid you could feel the pressure of the upcoming final presentations. Throughout the whole week we worked at the google campus, towards the final day where we presented our idea, the romance box, in front of a jury. The event ended with a great final dinner and party.

Without a doubt this was the best event of so far the 24 ESTIEM events I have attended. During this event I not only learned a lot but developed some great new friendships as well: perfect ingredients for a great ESTIEM event!


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