Interactie Board Update January

Dear member,

You received the last update from our board in September and a lot has happened since then. Keep reading to find out what the Interactie board has been up to!

We recently held our 69th General Assembly, where we voted on our 21st board. I am happy to announce to you the following composition:

  • President: Tom Mul
  • Secretary and ESTIEM Local Responsible: Robert Lintzen
  • Treasurer: Casper van der Schaft
  • Commissioner of External Relations: Daan Havekes

Congratulations to them and good luck in their year. They will be installed in the next General Assembly on the 17th of February.

While the 21st board was preparing their board application, we were working on realising our projects. Rens took care of our annual European wide case study competition, the TIMES Local Qualifications, took place in 2 rounds like last year allowing 16 teams to join. We had 2 semi-finals organised by VDL and Itility and the final provided by Accenture.

The competition was a huge success and the winning team is going to the European semi-final taking place in Munich, their trip will be paid by Interactie. The winning team consists of: Graciëla Elina Hoogendoorn, Yorick Heidema, Koen Koolen and Elvira van Damme (vlnr).

TIMES winners


Sebastian led the team that organised Europe3D+ Holland, a big ESTIEM event where 26 European participants explored our country in 3 dimensions; politics, economics and culture. The team did an amazing job and the event was a big hit. We did this project together with Local Groups in Enschede and Groningen. The participants were sent home as experts of the Netherlands and many of them said that they will definitely visit again in the future.

Nadja kept herself busy with working on the realisation of our budget. Our board year is coming to an end and it’s time for her to finish the books, which is an enormous task that she is working on with great discipline. Besides her financial duty she has transformed the Incoming LG Exchange Linköping committee into the Incoming LG Exchange Novi Sad committee, which is now working hard on creating an amazing programme for our friends from Serbia that will visit us in March.

Thijmen focussed his efforts on keeping the team running as always and supporting the next board. Besides that he has been running his projects, one of which was the alumni activity that was organised to strengthen the relationship with our alumni. Although the turnout was lower than was hoped for, the alumni had a great time enjoying a beer-tasting, followed by some more drinks in the city.

Alumni activity


Thijmen is currently dotting the i’s for the Incoming LG Exchange Dortmund that will take place from 8-10 January.

We as 20th board will keep doing our duties for the next month, after which the time of the 21st board will officially start. We will work hard on finishing our year on the right note and we will ensure a good handover of knowledge to our successors. Next year is looking to be a pretty amazing one!

We will leave you with a picture from the Trial Members Trip that took place last September. We could tell you what we did but as they say; a picture says more than a thousand words.

Trial Members Trip