Travel story 53rd Council Meeting

Jari Flinterman, LIII Council Meeting Novi Sad, 7th-11th of November.

From the 7th till the 13th of November, I went to Novi Sad, Serbia, for the 53rd Council Meeting of the European student network ESTIEM. A Council Meeting is held two times a year.

It is an amazing event where I learned a lot about ESTIEM and the members within ESTIEM. Over 250 students from all over Europe were present during the Council Meeting. I was one of the two delegates from Eindhoven and it was my first time at a Council Meeting. I had a place in front of the General Assembly room with people from about 80 different Local Groups. I also had a nice experience celebrating my birthday in Serbia. Together with a few other students who had their birthday during this week, we stood on the stage and all the other people sang “Happy Birthday” to us and we received a cool t-shirt with ‘53rd Council Meeting LG Novi Sad’ on it as a present.

During the day, we had General Assemblies. Topics that were discussed during the General Assembly were for example: the welcoming of new ‘Local Groups’ as member, the problems within ESTIEM, the plans of the current board and the evaluation of the past board. Most of the topics were really interesting and it was amazing to see that so many cool things are possible within ESTIEM. I was really surprised about the influence Eindhoven has and also about the status Eindhoven has in ESTIEM. Eindhoven is one of the biggest Local Groups and has a lot of active people who have a lot of knowledge about ESTIEM. Beside this, Eindhoven was awarded as the most active local group for the last half year!

Besides the General Assemblies, there were some trainings during the day. I attended two different trainings. One about becoming a ‘Wolfie’. At this training, I learned a lot about Corporate Relations. The topics we discussed were where to start searching for a company to collaborate with, what kind of offerings I can make to a company, how to approach a company and we learned some negotiation skills. The other training was also quite interesting. It was about motivating and recruiting members. Motivating and recruiting members is really important if you want to stay sustainable as a Local Group.

Every night there was a really nice party with another theme. One of the best nights was the International Night. This is a night where all countries have their own table with drinks and food from their own country. Before this Council Meeting, the biggest International Night I had only visited an International Night with people from only 3 different countries. This International Night was with about 30 countries from about 80 Local Groups, just imagine how cool this was! It is really nice to walk around, meet a lot of people and at the same time learn things of other countries and cultures. The last night there was a gala dinner/night which was really well organised. The Gala took place during the last night so it was a shame that this awesome week was almost over. At the end of the Council Meeting, we went to a huge apartment in Timisoara with almost all the people from Eindhoven. Our flight back to Eindhoven was on Tuesday from Timisoara. We had a lot of fun here in a, for me, unexpectedly beautiful city.

All summarising, I can look back at a really nice stay in Novi Sad with awesome people and great experiences! My compliments are going to LG Novi Sad who organised this great event really well!

LG Eindhoven during the CM