Travel story Vision Gothenburg

From the 19th till the 24th of January, while most students in Eindhoven were busy preparing and making exams, I went to Gothenburg for an event organized by the European student network ESTIEM. It was one of the events in the Vision series, with Materials – Key Drivers for Innovation as topic. The subtopic of this event was Graphene – A Revolutionary Supermaterial.

During the days we had a serious program where we learned a lot about innovative materials, and graphene in particular, and about the role for industrial engineers in the development and realization of new products with graphene. We had lectures about graphene and its applications, the Graphene Centre at Chalmers University, Material Science, and intellectual asset management. Furthermore, we got at tour around the graphene research facilities and did some workshops during which we wrote a business plan for an application of graphene.

Besides the serious activities, the students from Gothenburg also organized some cultural and relaxing activities. We learned what a fulsittning and a finsittning are by participating in them and we explored the campus with a campus tour during the day and a pub crawl during the night. We also saw the city center of Gothenburg with its typically Swedish buildings, but we didn’t stay there for a long time because of the high prices. Finally, we even got active during the ice skating activity.

Summarizing, it was an awesome and exhausting week with a lot of nice students from all over Europe and lots of work hard and play hard. The students from Gothenburg did a great job organizing this event!

Vision Gothenburg group picture