“Ready for take-off”

After a hard year of work the 21st board was successfully discharged and the 22nd board has officially taken their seats. With an enthusiastic and driven look, we started our first month in U.2 (Pav.).

There are several goals that we, as board as well as individuals, want to achieve during our board year. One of these goals is to let IE (Industrial Engineering) students experience how amazing it is to travel, meet with and learn from other European IE students. Traveling with Interactie can provide you opportunities such as developing your soft and hard skills and make connections all over Europe.

One of the low entry barrier events Interactie organises is an exchange every six months to different cities in Europe.

“This exchange impressed me with all of its warmth and niceness. It has been a great chance to meet French students, experience French culture and also to get to know the members of Interactie.” (Exchange Grenoble) 

On these exchanges you get to know other Dutch IE students, but most importantly the culture of the other international IE students. The upcoming exchange will be in the beginning of July. For more information about the exchange and other travels, send an email to interactie@tue.nl or come by in U.2 (Pav.).

We are ready for take-off, are you?

The 22nd board of Interactie