Travel story: Business Booster, Lisbon

Maarten van der Laars, How to become an entrepeneur (Lisbon) , 28 Feb – 05 Mar 

Why this destination?” The event “How to Become an Entrepreneur” organised by LG Lisbon was my first ESTIEM event and I must say it was an amazing week! I chose this particular event because I was tired of the Dutch weather and wanted to go to the sun and also the timing was really good as it was during a holiday.

“Why did I choose this event?” The reason why I chose this event is because entrepreneurship is something that has always interested me and this event seemed like a perfect opportunity to see the sun, meet new people and learn more about entrepreneurship. I am always looking for opportunities to start up a new business and earn money!

“What kind of event is this?” This event was a “business booster” event. However, since I am new to ESTIEM I did not really know what is meant by that, but I can explain how I experienced it. During the event, we had a very busy schedule: we woke up at 8am every morning and were occupied until dinner. We had presentations, workshops, lectures, we did several company visits, participated in a case study competition and did a city tour. During the evenings, we went to bars and clubs and had some really good nights.

“What did I learn?” During this event we had presentations, workshops and Q&A sessions with different kinds of entrepreneurs; some just started their business and had not yet sold one of their products, others had their own business for some years already and were quite successful and others were really experienced and had already started (and sold) several companies. Furthermore, there were also presentations, workshops and Q&A sessions with venture capitalists (companies that invest in start-ups). We came in contact with so many really experienced people on the field of entrepreneurship and from these people I really learned the most.

“What will be my next destination?” I have not decided wat my next trip will be, but I will certainly attend another event! It’s a matter of finding a nice event at a time where you don’t have any important deadlines or exams. As a first ESTIEM event for me personally I must say that we had an amazing group of people, we we’re in a great country and there was a perfect mix between professional activities and leisure. This event really triggered something in me that wants to become a start-up. My compliments go out to the organisers of this event as the event was very well organised and structured.