Education Award Nominees

On Thursday November 1st, the Education Awards Drink will take place. This drink will start at 16:00 hrs and will take place in The Villa (PAV B.13). During the drink, the winners of the Education Awards will be announced. The ceremony will start at 17:00 hrs. All teachers and students are welcome at this celebration. Program director Eric van der Geer-Rutten-Rijswijk will also be present.

A total of five teachers will be awarded. There is one prize per study phase (Propedeuse, Post-Propedeuse, Master IM and Master OML with her tracks incl. MSE) and a talent award for new teachers. The following teachers are nominated:

Propedeuse N.P. Dellaert
dr. P.P.F.M. van de Calseyde
M. Talmar MA E.E.M. van Berkum H. Eshuis

dr. P.P.F.M. van de Calseyde
dr. K.H. van Donselaar
dr. O. Türetken
dr. S.S. Dabadghao I.T.P. Vanderfeesten

Master OML (with her tracks incl. MSE)
dr. S.E.C. Gelper
dr. T. Tan
dr. Z. Atan R.J.I. Basten R.M. Dijkman

Master IM
prof.dr. A.J. van Weele B. Walrave P.A.M. Kleingeld
dr. M.M.A.H. Cloodt
dr. O. Türetken

Talent Award
dr. T.G. Martagan (OPAC)
dr. L.E. van Zyl (HPM)
ir. C.E.M. Fuchs (IS)