Moving to Atlas

Industria will move to Atlas at the 17th of January. The Paviljoen will stay open during the exams of Q2. Board members of Industria will be present at both locations during this period. Education starts in Atlas at the beginning of Q3 (4th of February). The Paviljoen will be closed from the 4th of February. However, the weekly drinks at the 7th and 14th of February will still be in The Villa!

Below, you can find answers to some other frequently asked questions concerning Atlas:

  • How can I book a room in Atlas?
    Via Outlook, MyTUe or the Planon App (click here for more info on Book My Space).
  • How far in advance can I book a room?
    As a student, you can book a room one week in advance.
  • Can I lock a room?
    No, Atlas is an ‘open building’, so there are no locks on the meeting rooms.
  • How can I book a lecture hall?
    You can only book a lecture hall from the third week of a quartile up until the exam period. You can only do this by sending an email to
  • Will there be QR codes to reserve a table?
    Not yet, maybe in the future.
  • What are the opening hours of Atlas?
    On workdays, the building will be open from 7:00 – 23:00h. Atlas will be closed in the weekends.
  • What about lockers?
    Student lockers are located on the main floors in the middle of the building, in the basement and near the lecture rooms. You can open a locker with your TU/e campus card.
  • Is there a supervised bicycle parking?
    Yes, in the basement of the building. You can enter with your TU/e campus card.
  • Where can I go to if I have additional questions?
    You can get more information at Industria or Intermate. If they do not know the answer, they can reach out the right person in the Atlas project group.