Jorik Meijers, Alumni Meeting Barcelona

Last month Robert, Anastasiia and I went to the Alumni meeting in Barcelona as the new elected board of ESTIEM. The Alumni Meeting is a yearly organised event, similar to a Council meeting, only then for the Alumni and less formal. It was an amazing experience, to come together with people from all ages and from all over Europe! What amazed me the most was the open mindedness of the people. On one had you have the 25-30 year olds who party till late and on the other hand you have the 50-60 year olds who come there just to see their old friends. The intriguing part of this is that everybody respects each other’s reasoning to come to the event. Here you could truly feel the ESTIEM spirit by those who established ESTIEM. Discussing what ESTIEM was in the past and what it became is super interesting and you learn so much from them.
Also, there were some really nice activities LG Barcelona organised for us. We had a catamaran tour, amazing diners and a cool city tour. Of course, we also had a General Assembly but this was more a formality. Everything together, it was a great experience and I will definitely try to go there again next year!