Danny Brus, Europe3D Talsinki

From the 26th of February till the 3rd of March I was participating in the Estiem event Europe3D Talsinki. It sounded really interesting to me because it covered two countries, Finland and Estonia. The first activity was a literal and figural ice breaker, the typical Finnish sauna night. The day after we did a nature walk on a frozen sea, which was pretty cold. The temperature was -25 degrees Celsius, which was the coldest day in the Finnish winter this year. Throughout the week it became less cold, which made sure that we could enjoy the environment more. Wednesday we departed with a ferry to go to Tallinn, a city that was impressive from the beginning. The old city center was built in medieval times and has not changed a lot since then. Because we were not tired yet, we went to a bar to drink beer and play the game Schnapps. The next day we did a company visit and went to the parliament of Estonia. In the end I can say that it was a very nice week full of amazing activities. I made a lot of new friends and I am really looking forward to do more Estiem events in the future!

  • – Danny Brus