Sebastian Bob Hummel, Training Advanced Trainers (TAT) Siegen

At the end of April, the first ESTIEM Training Advanced Trainers (TAT) since 5 years was held. This event is the highest level of educational events for ESTIEMers interested in delivering training to their peers.

If you’re interested in becoming a trainer, the first step is to go to a Training New Trainers (TNT) event, after which you will have gained the skills necessary to prepare a workshop or training of good quality. The TAT is the next step, where trainers gather to learn how to increase the effectiveness of their sessions and to get theirselves to the next level as a trainer.

This edition was held in Siegen, from the 27th of April until the 3rd of May. The trainers of this event were two alumni trainers who also work with training in their professional life, supplemented by an ex ESTIEM boardie. Of course, all the participants at this event are also already trainers, albeit at a less advanced level, so part of the event was spent by the participants preparing and delivering sessions to each other. During the rest of the event, the highly experienced trainers did training on some topics that supported the participants’ development as ESTIEM trainers.

This event is hard to organise in ESTIEM, mostly because there is always a lack of trainers in the network, which is why we are happy that we managed to organise it successfully now. The participants ended up confident that they had learned some new tips and tricks and are now more capable as trainers.

If doing workshops to fellow students is interesting to you, keep your eye out for the next TNT event, which may just be the perfect opportunity for you to start your career traveling Europe and passing on your skills to the next generation of ESTIEMers!