Use of file-sharing services

Recently, a popular Dropbox platform used for sharing study material was taken offline by the founders. In the meanwhile, many small initiatives pop-up which focus on sharing study material among students. As a study association, we know how useful such platforms can be. However, some people warned us that such platforms carry some risk with them: illegal versions of books can be shared easily. We see it as our responsibility to share this concern with you. Despite this material is available on the world wide web, it can cause you problems when being part of a platform which distributes this kind of material. Please be aware of the fact that the TU/e hires students to find and report such platforms. Main advice we want to give you:

  • Ensure that illegal versions of books are not stored in these platforms.
  • Prevent that study material sharing platforms are becoming too big. That helps to maintain a good overview of what happens.

Again, we are aware of the big advantages of sharing study materials, so please use such opportunities in a good manner.