Where to Study in Atlas

With this message, the Project team Atlas ID and IE&IS would like to inform you about the possibilities for studying and booking meeting rooms for IE&IS students in our new Atlas building.

As of this week, posters (flyers) (see image) have been hung throughout the building. These posters indicate the general rules for all TU/e students in Atlas. Please take your time to carefully read the poster.

The main message for all TU/e students is:

  1. For studying in Atlas: there are designated Student Areas on floors 2, and 4 to 8 in the middle, red, part of the building. In these areas, you can study and use facilities like printers and coffee machines. The other areas in the building are Staff Areas where you should not go.
  2. For booking meeting rooms in Atlas: you can do this via BookMySpace. Meeting rooms are only meant for meetings (group work) so not for studying on your own. Book meeting rooms preferably only in the middle, red, part of the building, floors 2 to 8. These rooms have numbers 200-399.

In addition to the general rules on the poster, we hereby inform you that the following extra facilities exist for IE&IS students in Atlas:

  1. Students of IE&IS are allowed to also use the study facilities on floor 8 South (Yellow) and floor 2 North (Blue). These two floors are deliberately not  indicated on the posters, as they are meant only for IE&IS students.
  2. These two floors are meant for all IE&IS students, so not solely for BEP or MSc thesis students. They are meant as quiet, silent areas, so please keep your voice volume down.
  3. These floors also have meeting rooms which can be booked (by all TU/e students) via BookMySpace.
  4. You can make use of printers and the pantries on these two floors. Please keep them tidy!
  1. Please note that the coffee room of Industria and Intermate (north-west corner of Floor 1) can also be used for studying or group work, while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

If you have questions or if you want to report a problem, please go to the reception of Atlas on the ground floor, or send an email to receptie.atlas@tue.nl