Student well-being survey

Your learning experience and well-being in times of corona

As you have experienced in the last few months, the Corona crisis has created a lot of changes in the ways in which university teaching takes place. You are studying from home and teachers provide their courses from home. We would like to hear how you are experiencing this transition so that we can finetune our teaching as best as we can under the current circumstances.

We¬†developed questionnaires to have a closer look at your study experience. These questionnaires take about 25 minutes to complete, but you don’t have to do this for free: you receive a 10 Euro voucher for your participation.

Currently, students from all bachelor and master programs at IE&IS are invited by mail to complete questionnaires about experiences in Q3 (when we transitioned to online) and Q4 (which was fully online). After the summer break, we will also send out questionnaires about your experiences with Q1 and Q2 courses.

Based on your input we hope to answer important questions: What works well, what works less well? How are you as students impacted by the changes? And what can be done to solve problems and improve your learning experience and well-being?

These insights will be translated into recommendations for educational management, teaching support and teachers, each quartile, so that they can optimize teaching at IE&IS.

So, if you receive an invitation, fill in the questionnaire, get a 10 euro voucher, and help us help you!

Uwe Matzat
Chris Snijders
Rianne Conijn
Ad Kleingeld