Integration Process Interactie

Dear members,

By means of this letter we would like to announce that Industria and Interactie have reached consensus on a plan for the integration of study association Interactie within study association Industria. We have thus reached agreement on the future interpretation of the international pillar. Both parties are positive about this plan and the discontinuation of study association Interactie.

Interactie has had 25 wonderful years as an association with a history full of good memories of the many beautiful journeys, educational and challenging events, and encounters that have resulted in lifelong friendships. This is fully in line with the original purpose of the association.

In recent years, the boards have had to conclude that in the current organizational structure the full potential of the association is insufficiently utilized. Integration should make it easier for all Industrial Engineering students to develop internationally. We are convinced that in this new structure, the forces of the old structure are retained, while new possibilities are created.

Why integrate?
• It must become more accessible for all Industrial Engineering and Management students to travel and participate in events of the international pillar.
• Integration eliminates organizational tasks (e.g. external relations) that offer more space for organizing new events and activities.
• ESTIEM needs to be more in the spotlight throughout Industria.
• There must be more local attention for academic and professional activities within the international pillar, something that competed with Industria in the past.
• Major events, such as ESTIEM Council Meetings, TIMES Finals, IEM Conferences, must be organized again to put LG Eindhoven prominently on the map.
• International students and Erasmus students must be more actively involved within Industria.

What is preserved?
• The opportunity for Industrial Engineering students to develop internationally in an easy and affordable way.
• IE students are financially supported when they travel within the wide range of ESTIEM events.
• The opportunity to build an international network and thus the steppingstone to an international career.
• •The international pillar has a board that has the freedom to organize the best events for and by IE students from all over Europe.
• A board responsible for policy, budget and supervision of the members and committees involved.
• A free, informal, friendly atmosphere where open-mindedness and internationalization are central.
• Unforgettable experiences in the coolest places all over Europe.

What changes in practice?
• There is no need to pay a membership fee for the international pillar.
• All international events are open to all Industria members.
• There is sufficient compensation from Industria for all its members who attend ESTIEM events.
• There is sufficient travel allowance for the international pillar board to activate and motivate students to travel.
• Industria Board members will be more involved in ESTIEM events. For example, one board member will attend the ESTIEM Council Meeting.
• The international pillar is involved in all international events.
• During the General Assemblies of Industria, sufficient time is made for discussing matters and decisions regarding the international pillar.
• There will be a monthly low-threshold meeting for those interested in international activities, where you as an Industria member can think along about strategic decisions regarding the international pillar. In this meeting policy is discussed, updates are given and experiences are exchanged, for example.

When to integrate?
On the operational level there are still some discussion points, which will be resolved before April 5th. With sufficient strategy sessions in between, we aim to organise an Interactie General Members Assembly (GMA) before the Industria Board Election GMA. During this GMA of Interactie, a voting will be held on the dissolution of Interactie and thereby the integration into the international pillar of Industria

All this means that the name Interactie will be replaced to herald a new beginning. You can determine this new name! More information about this will be provided later.

As soon as the opportunity arises, a big closing and opening party will be organized with the aim of reminiscing about the good old times and celebrating the start of a new period.

What now?
An information evening will be organized on Friday March 5, 2021, from 16h00 till 18h00 you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Until then, we will connect you as much as possible with international IE students and highlight interesting and fun events within ESTIEM. Therefore, keep a close eye on the social media channels of Industria!

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can of course always contact us!