Quote of the Week

”Ik zuip als ik gezopen heb” – Oud-voorzuiper Redel

SCOPE march 2016: Internet of Things!

The new SCOPE has been published! By now, our members and alumni should have received it in their mail. The theme of this edition is “Internet of Things”. Read about applications of this phenomenon, and how it can be realized. In addition, you will read about career opportunities at Docdata, a new Manufacturing Systems Engineering master, living and working abroad… Read more »

Welcome to our new website!

Get yourself some popcorn, try not to get emotional and get ready: today, the new Industria website has been launched! It is faster, fresher and fancier than ever. To celebrate this memorable event, an easter egg competition has started, in which you will need to find 9 hidden letters. So get ready to click!

Vote for your favourite teacher!

On Oktober the 29th, the winners of the Education Awards will be announced. Vote for your best teacher via the link in your email! The winners will be announced during the Education Awards Drink in the The Villa.

Book shipments to your own home

From the beginning of quartile 2, it will be possible to deliver your ordered books at you own address. This means that your books won’t be delivered at the Paviljoen anymore, but at your own place! Be aware that this is a new website and nót tuestudieboeken.nl. Look here to order your books!

Chairman Industria Congres 2015

We are proud to announce the chairman of the Industria Congres 2015. On the 17th of November Vivianne Bendermacher will preside over the day. Vivianne has a past of being the editor-in-chief of several well-known magazines. Currently, she’s an entrepreneur with two recently found companies. One of these companies specializes in keeping the public up to date with regards to the latest… Read more »

Summer Entrepreneurship Training

This summer I most likely experienced the best ESTIEM event of my life. During three weeks I traveled together with 15 other participants from Istanbul to Warsaw to Madrid, to learn everything I need to know to someday be able to start up my own business.

Servus Munchen

Servus! I have always wanted to go to the Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest beer festival, and this year I had the chance to go with ESTIEM. The Bavarian festival has been held since 1810 and yearly more than 6 million people are consuming 7.7 million litres of beer and 500.000 roasted chickens.

Board update

Since the 140th general assembly, the 52nd board has officialy started. Last weekend we worked hard on the new policy, we will present at the next general assembly. Tomorrow everyone is welcome to have a drink during our inauguration drink in The Villa.  Last but not least, we want to thank the 51st board for their commitment, dedication and achievements of last year…. Read more »

Location Industria Congres 2015

The 32nd Industria Congres will take place at the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven. The Philips Stadium is the home ground of PSV, but is also used as a center of activity. Activities range from formal business meetings to leisure, the Philips Stadium can provide in any of these aspects. The Stadium possesses many area’s like conference rooms, quality restaurants and… Read more »