Bird update!

It is time for a new bird update! Zebbie and Raaf van Advies are doing great. They are flying around happily and are chattering a lot. If you like their company, drink a coffee or tea in the coffee corner. They will entertain you for free.

How to upgrade your print credits

Although it is still possible to upload your credits at the reception of the Pavilion, it will be centralized very soon. From then on you can upgrade their print credits on your TUEPAS account in two ways: – use the MyOrder app on your smartphone; – pay with your PIN pas at the PIN terminal at ICT Services Student desk, floor 1,… Read more »

Master Months

Are you planning to enroll in a master’s degree program after your bachelor? In February and March the TU/e Graduate School is organizing ‘Master Months’ especially for second and last-year TU/e bachelor’s degree students. During the Master Months each master’s program organizes an information session. These sessions are all scheduled on different days. This way you will be able to… Read more »

Interesting subjects for OML students

If you are an OML student, it might be interesting to follow courses from the department of Mathematics and Computer Science. If you want to strengthen your mathematical skills that are very handy for analysis of complex systems, these courses are relevant: 2WB60 – Stochastic performance modelling (Q3) 2MMS40 – Stochastic networks (Q3) 2MMS50 – Stochastic decision theory (Q4)    … Read more »

Happy Holidays!

We wish you happy holidays, a merry Christmas, a happy new year, the best wishes, feliz navidad, seasons greetings, joyeux noël and a fantastic Christmas break! We hope to see you all fresh and fruity in 2016!

Evening lectures from Q3

From the beginning of quarter 3 is it possible that you have lectures in the evenings. However, the first year students are safe! Only a few are given during this academic year, but from September a larger number is given. This is due to the increasing inflow of students and a limited number of rooms. The evening time slots are from 18:45… Read more »

Give feedback about education!

You probably have an opinion about the education at the TU/e. Complaints about your courses, comments on communication or compliments for teachers. Do not keep this information for yourself, but share it (anonymous) with our Educational Officer! This is your chance to improve the education at the TU/e. Give your feedback here!  

OASE and other applications not available on the 21st of November

Please note that several services of the TU/e are not available on the 14th and 21st of November due to server maintenance. The Sportcentrum (SCI) will not be available on the 14th and 21st of November. The “Digitale Studiegids”, OASE, OWinfo and the StudyPlannApp will not be available on the 21st November and PEACH and OnCourse not on the 14th.

Winners Education Awards 2015!

Industria is happy to announce the winners of the Education Awards 2015! Different categories have led to five winners, and they are chosen by their own students. The winners are complimented about their enthusiasm, involvement and student-focused lectures and instructions. Congratulations! Propedeuse dr. M.E. Hochstenbach Post-Propedeuse R.M. Dijkman Innovation Management dr. S.E.C. Gelper Operations Management & Logistics dr. Z. Atan Talent… Read more »