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New Platinum Partner: DAF!

We are happy to announce our new platinum partner: DAF! The extension and upgrade of our partnership into a platinum partnership means DAF will be our main partner for the coming year. Within this partnership we will organize multiple events together, including an inhouse day at DAF Nederland. Next to our jointly organized events, DAF will also be present at… Read more »

Industrial Excellence Conference & Award

Welcome to the 21st Industrial Excellence Conference & Award event. This year we are very excited to share with you best practices how leading European companies develop and deploy their Digital Enterprise Strategy. Finalists from 6 West European countries and a wide range of industries compete live for the European award. This unique event enables you to meet your peers… Read more »

TRA VISIONS 2018 Young Researcher Competition

TRA VISIONS 2018 invites Young researchers from all over Europe to submit innovative transport concepts to The TRA VISIONS 2018 Young Researchers Competition edition is for the first time including Cross-modality as part of the scope of the awards which gives the Logistics Young Researchers community a natural opportunity to increase visibility and awareness of the importance and impact… Read more »

Student Jobs

On this page you can find different vacancies for theses interesting for Industrial Engineering students.


The Operations Research Conference, more commonly known as the ORC, organizes a conference based upon a operations oriented theme. 2016-2017 Simon Vijverberg Thomas van Gaal Saskia Thus

Master Study Club

The Master Study Club committee organizes career related activities for all master students. 2016-2017 Tom Scholte Marjam Bahari Eefje Linnartz Maarten van Asseldonk

Finance Week Committee

The Finance Week committee organises a week full of workshops and lectures related to financial topics. 2016-2017 Lotte van Hezewijk Wessel van der Kraaij Rowan Bareman Robbert Reijnen Jannus van Veghel Eric de Koning Maarten van Asseldonk