The Operations Research Conference, more commonly known as the ORC, organizes a conference based upon a operations oriented theme. 2016-2017 Simon Vijverberg Thomas van Gaal Saskia Thus

Master Study Club

The Master Study Club committee organizes career related activities for all master students. 2016-2017 Tom Scholte Marjam Bahari Eefje Linnartz Maarten van Asseldonk

Finance Week Committee

The Finance Week committee organises a week full of workshops and lectures related to financial topics. 2016-2017 Lotte van Hezewijk Wessel van der Kraaij Rowan Bareman Robbert Reijnen Jannus van Veghel Eric de Koning Maarten van Asseldonk

Company Tour Committee

The Company Tour committee organises an interesting trip to a top location in a foreign country. The Company Tour is a trip in which study, career, international and leisure are combined. Only 2nd year Bachelors are allowed to join this amazing trip. 2019-2020 Annika Spijker Henry Lai Bram Hoekstra Daniek Klijn Carlijn Dieleman Daan Oomen Nina Rovers Daan Mul

Global Student Challenge – boost your career!

The Global Student Challenge is an exciting international competition for students interested in Supply Chain Management and -Finance. The challenge is based on The Cool Connection and the goal is to rescue a virtual company from bankruptcy. In a team of four students, you work together making strategical decisions to make the company profitable again. For more information, visit the website.

Business Trip Committee

The Business Trip committee organizes an interesting trip to a top location in a foreign country. The BusinessTrip is an educational trip in which study, career, international and leisure are combined in a great way. 2016-2017 Jan Kleinlugtenbeld Sjoerd Broos Sander Jong Joep Atol Lisanne Boere Amber van Oort Maarten van Asseldonk 

Bachelor Study Club

The Bachelor Study Club, more commonly known as the BSC, organizes a number of career events for bachelor students. These events range from the Case Evening to company visits. 2019-2020 Martijn Mathijsen Rens Huizer Sophie Cooijmans Tom Houba Jeroen Bouwman Sam Beurskens

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