Spijker Dinner Deal

From now on, ‘eetcafĂ© Spijker’ offers a dinner deal exclusively for Industria members! On Thursday evening, you can choose a main course and a drink for only 10,- euros. Do not forget to bring your Villa card. Enjoy your dinner!

Where to Study in Atlas

With this message, the Project team Atlas ID and IE&IS would like to inform you about the possibilities for studying and booking meeting rooms for IE&IS students in our new Atlas building. As of this week, posters (flyers) (see image) have been hung throughout the building. These posters indicate the general rules for all TU/e students in Atlas. Please take… Read more »

Use of file-sharing services

Recently, a popular Dropbox platform used for sharing study material was taken offline by the founders. In the meanwhile, many small initiatives pop-up which focus on sharing study material among students. As a study association, we know how useful such platforms can be. However, some people warned us that such platforms carry some risk with them: illegal versions of books… Read more »

Industria moves to SharePoint!

In the past, Industria used a local server to save and share files. The association now moved to Microsoft SharePoint for working together. You can find a manual for switching to SharePoint here: Setting-up the Industria SharePoint 1. Go to industria.tue.nl/sharepoint and log in with your TU/e account 2. Within the tab General, the Industria photos and poster templates can… Read more »

Committee Subscriptions 2018!

Are you ready for 2018? Industria invites you to become active! The new committee subscriptions are open now. There are numerous committees to choose from such as international trips, leisure events, and career orientated activities. If you are interested, be sure to subscribe before 28th of January via the Industria website!

New IRP Board

We proudly present the new IRP Board for 2017-2018: Chairman – Frank Hoepel Contracting Manager: Jorg van Heesch Financial Manager – Saskia Keet External Relations – Renate Maresch C.A.T. – Thomas Relou Congratulations all members and we wish them good luck and a lot of fun for the upcoming year!

Sign up for the MyTU/e sounding board

On March 13 the personal portal MyTU/e was launched. To make MyTU/e more attractive for students the project group is looking for students who would like to help think about the future of MyTU/e in a sounding board group. Also, in the next academic year the rollout of Office 365 to students will start. The project group is on the… Read more »

SCOPE is recruiting!

Would you like to learn how to write? To get in contact with interesting companies? To step out of your comfort zone and interest other people with inspiring articles? SCOPE, the magazine for both study association Industria as well as alumni association, is looking for reinforcements! The SCOPE appears 4 times a year and has an edition of over 2,500… Read more »

TU/e Contest 2017

For the third consecutive year, TU Eindhoven is challenging its students to advance their innovative idea, prototype, business plan, or research project with the aid of the TU/e Contest-affiliated network. You’ll get coaching from specialists of the business world, therefore a nice opportunity to meet your future colleagues. And who knows you win one of those great prizes at the… Read more »

Goodbye OASE!

As most of may have already experienced, OASE will be replaced by the new learning management system Canvas. By the start of quartile 3, Canvas will be used by all courses given. If you experience any problems or have any questions, you can contact the helpdesk, canvas@tue.nl.