We want you!

Now that this academic year is almost over, it is time to prepare for what you will be doing in September. Do you want to develop yourself and get to know Industria better? Take a lot at the possibilities: https://industria.tue.nl/event/committee-subscriptions-20172018/ and make sure you subscribe in time!  

Hand in your clicker

TU/e is launching a collection campaign for clickers no longer used by our former students and current Master’s students. In light of the fact that you were required to pay for your clicker when you began your degree, we would like to contribute towards the cost by offering you a €20 reimbursement. This is equivalent to the value of a… Read more »

Extra resit 1CV40 – Quality and Reliability Engineering

The extra resit for the course Quality and Reliability Engineer for third year students will take place on the 15th of August at 09:00. This will be during the interim week.To take part in this extra resit, you should request the exam committee to do so. If you have to do another resit during the interim period, you can still request… Read more »

Where to buy your lecture notes?

From June 30th on, dictations will no longer be available at the Studentshop in Metaforum. But, don’t worry, you can buy your dictations via de webshop of Dereumaux: https://printservice-tue.dmxprint.nl/.

SCOPE Juni 2017 – Industrie 4.0

De overbodige diersoort Afgelopen november werd ik in Stuttgart tijdens een reisje met Industria voor het eerst geconfronteerd met het fenomeen Industrie 4.0. Vrijwel elk universiteits- en bedrijfsbezoek stond in het thema van deze vierde industriële revolutie. Zo hebben we in de fabriek van Kärcher, bekend van hoge drukreinigers en schoonmaakmachines, verschillende voorbeelden gezien. Er werd bijvoorbeeld gebruik gemaakt van… Read more »

New IRP Board

We proudly present the new IRP Board for 2017-2018: Chairman – Frank Hoepel Contracting Manager: Jorg van Heesch Financial Manager – Saskia Keet External Relations – Renate Maresch C.A.T. – Thomas Relou Congratulations all members and we wish them good luck and a lot of fun for the upcoming year!

Scholarship in Germany

Will you be studying in Germany next semester? You have a chance to receive a scholarship from €1800-2000. The deadline to receive this scholarship is July 1st, so make sure you apply soon! For more information, visit the website.  

Industria Caps

The one and only Industria caps are still available! Do you want to protect your eyes from the sun and sitll want to look as cool as ever? Get your Industria cap at the board room or order it in our webshop (https://industria.tue.nl/product/cap/) and pick it up at the board room!

TRA VISIONS 2018 Young Researcher Competition

TRA VISIONS 2018 invites Young researchers from all over Europe to submit innovative transport concepts to www.travisions.eu. The TRA VISIONS 2018 Young Researchers Competition edition is for the first time including Cross-modality as part of the scope of the awards which gives the Logistics Young Researchers community a natural opportunity to increase visibility and awareness of the importance and impact… Read more »

Sign up for the MyTU/e sounding board

On March 13 the personal portal MyTU/e was launched. To make MyTU/e more attractive for students the project group is looking for students who would like to help think about the future of MyTU/e in a sounding board group. Also, in the next academic year the rollout of Office 365 to students will start. The project group is on the… Read more »