Language programme

At a language programme (or language course) event you will learn the basics of a foreign language in a week. During this week you will have about 40 hours of training in a language. Most language events are beginner level events, this means that you do not need any prior knowledge before going to these events. At a language course… Read more »

Activity week

During an activity week you will participate in a local activity for the week. These activities can vary widely. Some examples are; Oktoberfest, skiing, survival, or our very own carnaval activity week. Activity weeks are often a week full of party or leisure events. Below you can find an example agenda of an activity week, as you can see it… Read more »

Europe 3D

What does Europe3D mean?  Anything existing in our universe is defined by three dimensions. It just so happens that a country works the same way, the only difference being that it’s not about x, y and z, but about culture, economy and politics.  During a Europe3D event you will be offered the chance to experience a European country in these… Read more »

Summer Academy

Summer Academy creates a safe space away from the usual lives of participants where experienced Academic Leaders guide students by challenging their mindsets and guiding them to widen their perspectives on their own lives and to create strong relationships between them. Below you can find an example agenda of a summer academy event:


BrainTrainer is an event designed to develop leadership skills of the participants through trainings. Its aim is to coach and develop the participants to become more professional and successful in the organisation as well as their own future career. With the help of professional trainers and experienced alumni, BrainTrainer provides a high quality and interactive learning experience focused on self-development. It offers you soft and business skills such as communication, presentation, negotiation and team-management. In… Read more »


Businessbooster is an ESTIEM division that aims to develop the entrepreneurship path inside ESTIEM. There are multiple types of Businessbooster events, through which it is able to provide entrepreneurial knowledge to all IEM students, preparing them for an entrepreneurial career path in the future. An example of an event is Slush. ( 


T.I.M.E.S is one of Europe’s biggest case study competition in which each year 1400 Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) students in 350 teams compete for the title “IEM students of the year”. In teams of 3 to 4 students have around 3 to 4 hours to solve an IEM related case.  In Eindhoven you can first participate in the local qualifications. The best team… Read more »

Be X for X days

Be X for X Days is an event which aims to provide IEM students with the best opportunities of getting real-life experiences, useful knowledge and insights about what is needed to be a good professional in a specific field by close contact with companies. The aim is to show the role of different professionals and open new career paths for IEM students. The focus of… Read more »


During a Vision event, you will gain in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge on a specific topic that is either very modern or futuristic (think artificial intelligence or data science). To cover the theoretical part of the topic, you will get a series of lectures, given by a professional in the field. Furthermore, to make things a bit more practical, you… Read more »

Academic days

Academic Days events are known to be very focused on a specific academic topic, in which students can gain deep knowledge within 5 working days of event. While working hard during the daytime, in the evenings participants have time to reflect and share insights they gained with each other. The leisure part of every event always consists of teambuilding and various cultural activities,… Read more »