Danny Brus, Feria Activity Week The 2nd of May it was time for another crazy activity week of ESTIEM. This time Thomas and I traveled to the beautiful city of Seville in the southern part of Spain, to celebrate Feria de Abril, a festival which is reoccurring every year two weeks after Easter. Originally it was created as a livestock… Read more »


Sebastian Bob Hummel, Training Advanced Trainers (TAT) Siegen At the end of April, the first ESTIEM Training Advanced Trainers (TAT) since 5 years was held. This event is the highest level of educational events for ESTIEMers interested in delivering training to their peers. If you’re interested in becoming a trainer, the first step is to go to a Training New… Read more »


Danny Brus, Utekravallen Activity Week The 17th of May was the day that I departed from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to go to Utekravallen Activity Week in Linköping, Sweden. After arriving at the smallest airport I’ve seen in my life, I walked to the city centre to meet with some old friends I met during Carnaval Activity Week 2018. Together we walked… Read more »


Jorik Meijers, Alumni Meeting Barcelona Last month Robert, Anastasiia and I went to the Alumni meeting in Barcelona as the new elected board of ESTIEM. The Alumni Meeting is a yearly organised event, similar to a Council meeting, only then for the Alumni and less formal. It was an amazing experience, to come together with people from all ages and from… Read more »


Danny Brus, Europe3D Talsinki From the 26th of February till the 3rd of March I was participating in the Estiem event Europe3D Talsinki. It sounded really interesting to me because it covered two countries, Finland and Estonia. The first activity was a literal and figural ice breaker, the typical Finnish sauna night. The day after we did a nature walk… Read more »

Travel story: Eindhoven visits Kiev

From the 8th until the 14th of July, the ESTIEM Local Group exchange ‘Eindhoven visits Kiev’ took place. This trip was hosted by awesome people of LG (Local Group) Kiev and boy, I grew to love those people. The night we arrived, two of the LG members were already waiting for us at the airport. They had arranged cheap taxies for us to travel the last few km’s to our hostel. This was the first moment we discovered how kind and hospitable the Ukrainian people are. We even got a CD with the driver’s personal mixtape, since he was also a part-time DJ. But Let me tell you about our amazing week!

Travel story: Business Booster, Lisbon

The event “How to Become an Entrepreneur” organised by LG Lisbon was my first ESTIEM event and I must say it was an amazing week! I chose this particular event because I was tired of the Dutch weather and wanted to go to the sun and also the timing was really good as it was during a holiday.

“Ready for take-off”

After a hard year of work the 21st board was successfully discharged and the 22nd board has officially taken their seats. With an enthusiastic and driven look, we started our first month in U.2 (Pav.). There are several goals that we, as board as well as individuals, want to achieve during our board year. One of these goals is to let IE (Industrial Engineering) students experience… Read more »

Congratulations to the 22nd candidate board!

It is our great honour to present to you the twenty-second candidate board of Interactie! The candidate board is constituted as follows: Chairman: Simone Balvers Secretary and Local Responsible: Eliza den Heijer Treasurer: Jip van Schayik Commissioner of External Relations: Jari Flinterman We wish the twenty-second candidate board a lot of luck to prepare themselves for the upcoming General Assembly… Read more »

Eindhoven visits Riga!

At the beginning of our summer holiday a group of 14 Interactie members travelled to Riga, Latvia for an exchange. During this exchange we discovered the city of Riga, saw their university and got some interesting lectures. During our free time the members scattered throughout the city wearing all purple. At night we partied all together with the LG Riga… Read more »