S.E.T. Eindhoven

In July LG Eindhoven was one of the three hosts of the ESTIEM Summer Entrepreneurship Training. During this week a group of 20 participants came to Eindhoven to finish their start-up project they have been working on for two weeks. All participants worked hard and participated in the lectures given to them. The information provided in the presentations was very… Read more »

T.I.M.E.S. Final Ilmenau

The T.I.M.E.S. finals are over and our team is back in Eindhoven. This year they have been fighting in the finals held in Ilmenau. Although they did not win the competitionĀ this year we are very proud of our team managing to be in the top 8 of this European Case Study Competition!

Inauguration Drink 21st Board of Interactie

On Tuesday the 22nd of March it is time for the inauguration drink of the 21st Board of Interactie. You can congratulate them and have someĀ free beers from 16.00h till 19.00h. We hope to see you there!

Interactie Board Update January

Dear member, You received the last update from our board in September and a lot has happened since then. Keep reading to find out what the Interactie board has been up to! We recently held our 69th General Assembly, where we voted on our 21st board. I am happy to announce to you the following composition: President: Tom Mul Secretary… Read more »

Interactie Board update September

Dear members It has been a few months since you last saw an Interactie board update, so let us enlighten you with what has been going on in our board. We have been through many experiences and changes over the past few months. All of us have been working hard on our collective and personal goals, making progress in both…. Read more »