Interactie Winter Exchanges

In December Interactie organised two winter exchanges to two different locations at the same time! Curious to see how it was??

Council Meeting Austria

After a few days of partying during the pre-CM we took the bus to the real event: The ESTIEM Council Meeting. The first night I was really surprised by the amount of people that participated in this event. Because of the fact that there were less than 300 ESTIEMers I mostly spend my first night talking to everyone I already knew from my few previous events. After a great party I had to get up early the first morning…

Financial and Legal Committee Coordination Meeting

On the 16th of October I went to Tallinn, Estonia, to join the fellow committee members, including Stijn Zanders, of the Financial and Legal Committee. The event was a meeting of some of the persons who are involved in the Financial and Legal committee of ESTIEM and other persons with interest in Finance and Legal.  It is always good to meet the people you work with in real life, because working together is more efficient and nice than only talking on Skype of course.

Late Night Whistling

Everyone met at Siegen, myself a little (too) early because I know how iffy public transport can be, and made our way to Trainingwarts; The first 4 days were spent in a large cottage in the mountains, more than an hour away from Siegen and technology. Have some time to wander around, look at the village, be back in time for the first training that afternoon.

Summer Entrepreneurship Training

This summer I most likely experienced the best ESTIEM event of my life. During three weeks I traveled together with 15 other participants from Istanbul to Warsaw to Madrid, to learn everything I need to know to someday be able to start up my own business.

Servus Munchen

Servus! I have always wanted to go to the Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest beer festival, and this year I had the chance to go with ESTIEM. The Bavarian festival has been held since 1810 and yearly more than 6 million people are consuming 7.7 million litres of beer and 500.000 roasted chickens.

Interactie Board

The current board is the 25th board of Interactie, installed on the 17th of February 2020. Chairman: Jochem van Asten Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Danny Brus Treasurer: Tom Houba Previous boards 24th board Chairman: Stef Herrebout Secretary & Local Responsible ESTIEM: Max Sturkenboom Treasurer: Anne Wiltschek Commissioner of External Relations: Daan Mul 23rd board Chairman: Maarten-Job van der Laars… Read more »

Get Involved

Becoming a member Exited to travel and develop yourself internationally? Join Interactie and make sure to get involved! If you want to become a member of Interactie, address one of the board members. Our board members are always present during Industria drinks on Thursdays in the Villa and can be recognized by their purple sweaters. Being a member will only… Read more »


What can I do when I’m an Interactie member? Interactie organises a lot of events in Eindhoven like trainings, case competitions, barbecues and member drinks. Interactie also organizes a few exchanges abroad each year and a members trip. You can become active by doing a committee with other people, which is a lot of fun and good for your personal… Read more »


ESTIEM Portal Introduction Once you have become a member of Interactie, you will also be a member of ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management). This means you can join all the events that are organised within ESTIEM. There are 80 “Local Groups” from all over Europe which can organize events with different themes. There are events that show… Read more »