What is ESTIEM ESTIEM (European students of industrial engineering and management) is the organisation for IEM (Industrial Engineering and Management) students who combine learning and travelling. Founded in 1990, their goal is to foster relations between IEM students all over Europe and support their development. ESTIEM consists of 80 member associations, called Local Groups, in 31 different countries. ESTIEM currently… Read more »


Are you interested in Interactie? Do you have any questions related to our association? Do you have any questions about ESTIEM events? Do you want to know more about ESTIEM in general? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re open to all sorts of questions and will be very happy to tell you all about our association. If you’d like to… Read more »


Interactie is the study association for international activities in the IEM field (Industrial Engineering and Management). Interactie began as a committee (Interact.cie) of Industria on the 4th of April 1990. Interactie was founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of Industria with the goal to give students the opportunity to get in contact with the international aspects of IEM. The association has… Read more »

Interactie Board update September

Dear members It has been a few months since you last saw an Interactie board update, so let us enlighten you with what has been going on in our board. We have been through many experiences and changes over the past few months. All of us have been working hard on our collective and personal goals, making progress in both…. Read more »