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Travel story: Business Booster, Lisbon

Maarten van der Laars, How to become an entrepeneur (Lisbon) , 28 Feb – 05 Mar  “Why this destination?” The event “How to Become an Entrepreneur” organised by LG Lisbon was my first ESTIEM event and I must say it was an amazing week! I chose this particular event because I was tired of the Dutch weather and wanted to… Read more »

Travel Story: Eindhoven visits Grenoble

Wies Ruyters, Grenoble Exchange, 23rd-28th November Somewhere over the rainbow there was a village, in France, called Grenoble. Some members of Interactie got the chance to explore this city surrounded by mountains from the 23rd till the 28th of November. Luckily, I was one of them. The ESTIEM exchange ‘Eindhoven visits Grenoble’ was hosted by French students of the ‘Grenoble… Read more »

Travel story 53rd Council Meeting

Jari Flinterman, LIII Council Meeting Novi Sad, 7th-11th of November. From the 7th till the 13th of November, I went to Novi Sad, Serbia, for the 53rd Council Meeting of the European student network ESTIEM. A Council Meeting is held two times a year. It is an amazing event where I learned a lot about ESTIEM and the members within… Read more »

Travel story Vision Gothenburg

From the 19th till the 24th of January, while most students in Eindhoven were busy preparing and making exams, I went to Gothenburg for an event organized by the European student network ESTIEM. It was one of the events in the Vision series, with Materials – Key Drivers for Innovation as topic. The subtopic of this event was Graphene –… Read more »

Interactie Winter Exchanges

In December Interactie organised two winter exchanges to two different locations at the same time! Curious to see how it was?? Read below about Krakow and Istanbul. Yves van Hoek, Exchange Krakow, 17-21 December When we arrived at Krakow airport the mood was already set, there was a big group of ESTIEM members from Krakow waiting for us and they… Read more »

Council Meeting Austria

Jip van Schayik, Council Meeting Austria, Vienna, 15-22 November After a few days of partying during the pre-CM we took the bus to the real event: The ESTIEM Council Meeting. The first night I was really surprised by the amount of people that participated in this event. Because of the fact that there were less than 300 ESTIEMers I mostly… Read more »

Financial and Legal Committee Coordination Meeting

Tom Koolen, Financial and Legal Committee Coordination Meeting, Tallinn, 16-20 October On the 16th of October I went to Tallinn, Estonia, to join the fellow committee members, including Stijn Zanders, of the Financial and Legal Committee. The event was a meeting of some of the persons who are involved in the Financial and Legal committee of ESTIEM and other persons… Read more »

Late Night Whistling

Lorenzo Scoppetta, Training New Trainers, Siegen, 12-18 October Everyone met at Siegen, myself a little (too) early because I know how iffy public transport can be, and made our way to Trainingwarts; The first 4 days were spent in a large cottage in the mountains, more than an hour away from Siegen and technology. Have some time to wander around,… Read more »

Summer Entrepreneurship Training

Stephanie Riffo Rodriguez, Summer Entrepreneurship Training, Istanbul Boğaziçi/Warsaw/Madrid, 15 Aug-6 Sep This summer I most likely experienced the best ESTIEM event of my life. During three weeks I traveled together with 15 other participants from Istanbul to Warsaw to Madrid, to learn everything I need to know to someday be able to start up my own business. In Istanbul we… Read more »

Servus Munchen

Stijn Zanders, Oktoberfest Activity Week, Munich, 21-26 September Servus! I have always wanted to go to the Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest beer festival, and this year I had the chance to go with ESTIEM. The Bavarian festival has been held since 1810 and yearly more than 6 million people are consuming 7.7 million litres of beer and 500.000 roasted chickens…. Read more »