OASE Material still available

Altough all courses are using Canvas right now, you might still need some material from OASE. Don’t worry, this is possible! Via the OASE-archive-page you find links to all courses from the last two academic years.

Books quartile 3

You can buy your books for the third quartile on our website with 15% discount and they will be deliverd at home!

Goodbye OASE!

As most of may have already experienced, OASE will be replaced by the new learning management system Canvas. By the start of quartile 3, Canvas will be used by all courses given. If you experience any problems or have any questions, you can contact the helpdesk, canvas@tue.nl.

Buy your books!

Have you found out you still need a book now that the exams are coming closer? No problem! Buy your books at our our website and they will be delivered at home!

Education Awards 2016

The voting for this year’s Education Awards are open! In each category, five teachers are nominated and you can decide who will win. Vote on your favourite teacher to have a chance to win a €20 VVV-cheque. On November 3rd, the winners will be announced during the Education Awards Drink in The Villa, make sure you are there!

Buy your books!

Although the 4th week of the quartile has already started, it is still possible to buy books. Have you discovered that a book is necessary to follow a course? No problem, you can order your books here! It gets even better; your books will be delivered at home so you don’t need to pick them up anywhere.

Buy your books!

For first-year and premaster students only! During the first two lecture weeks, you can buy your books for the first quartile at Industria. Walk by during the break (12:30-13:45), have a coffee at the Koffiekamer and buy your books.

Books Q1 2016-2017

The books for quarter 1 2016-2017 will be available from the 15th of July. You can order your books here.

Resit 1CV40 – Quality and Reliability Engineering

The extra resit for the course Quality and Reliability Engineer for third year students will take place on the 17th of August 2016. This will be during the introduction week. Students who are also waiting for results of the interim period, can register themselves for the resit anyways. It will depend on the outcomes of the interim whether the result… Read more »

Scholarship for studying in Germany

Until the 1st of July, you can apply for a scholarship named the DIA-Stipendium. This is an initiative of www.studereninduitsland.nl, who are a contact in the Netherlands for students who study in Germany. The scholarship is €400-€600 a month and can be combined with an Erasmus scholarship. More information can be found on www.studereninduitsland.nl/beurzen/dia-stipendium.