Give feedback about education!

You probably have an opinion about the education at the TU/e. Complaints about your courses, comments on communication or compliments for teachers. Do not keep this information for yourself, but share it (anonymous) with our Educational Officer! This is your chance to improve the education at the TU/e. Give your feedback here!  

OASE and other applications not available on the 21st of November

Please note that several services of the TU/e are not available on the 14th and 21st of November due to server maintenance. The Sportcentrum (SCI) will not be available on the 14th and 21st of November. The “Digitale Studiegids”, OASE, OWinfo and the StudyPlannApp will not be available on the 21st November and PEACH and OnCourse not on the 14th.

Winners Education Awards 2015!

Industria is happy to announce the winners of the Education Awards 2015! Different categories have led to five winners, and they are chosen by their own students. The winners are complimented about their enthusiasm, involvement and student-focused lectures and instructions. Congratulations! Propedeuse dr. M.E. Hochstenbach Post-Propedeuse R.M. Dijkman Innovation Management dr. S.E.C. Gelper Operations Management & Logistics dr. Z. Atan Talent… Read more »

Education Awards

Every year, Industria hands out the Education Awards to the best teachers of that academic year. There are five catagories: Propedeuse, Post-propedeuse, Master Innovation Management, Master Operations Management & Logistics and the Talent Award. For every category, except the last one, the procedure is the same. Five teachers are nominated. This is based on the official course evaluations, the evaluations of the… Read more »

Vote for your favourite teacher!

On Oktober the 29th, the winners of the Education Awards will be announced. Vote for your best teacher via the link in your email! The winners will be announced during the Education Awards Drink in the The Villa.

Book shipments to your own home

From the beginning of quartile 2, it will be possible to deliver your ordered books at you own address. This means that your books won’t be delivered at the Paviljoen anymore, but at your own place! Be aware that this is a new website and nót Look here to order your books!

Chairman Industria Congres 2015

We are proud to announce the chairman of the Industria Congres 2015. On the 17th of November Vivianne Bendermacher will preside over the day. Vivianne has a past of being the editor-in-chief of several well-known magazines. Currently, she’s an entrepreneur with two recently found companies. One of these companies specializes in keeping the public up to date with regards to the latest… Read more »


24/7 Economy: Always at your service The world of tomorrow offers many opportunities. More and more companies are in contact with partnes abroad. Moreover, multinationals are growing. In 2016 multinationals generated 39% of the production value of the Dutch economy. Besides, they created 22% of the employement. Due to the rise of the internet the world has never felt so… Read more »


The Industria Congress 2019 will be held at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven in the Conference Center. This location offers us the professionality to ensure the quality of the event.


November 19th, 2019 The preliminary program for the 36th Industria Congress on 19 November 2019 is shown below: 08:45 Welcome 09:15 Opening Chairman of the day 09:45 Plenary Reading 1 10:45 Workshop Round 1 12:15 Business Fair & Lunch 14:00 Workshop Round 2 15:30 Short Break 16:00 Plenary Reading 2 17:00 Interactive Closing 17:30 Network Drink & Speed Dating 18:30… Read more »