Company Tour

The Company Tour committee organizes an interesting trip to a top location in a foreign country. The Company Tour is a trip in which study, career, international, and leisure are combined. Only 2nd-year Bachelors are allowed to join this amazing trip. The trip will take three days and several companies and one university are visited.

Anne Voet
Charlotte van der Lende
Daniël van der Lugt
Jelle Hak
Raul Jagmohan
Rozemarijn van der Veen
Tom Kroon
Caitlin Riesewijk
Farah Schepens
Femke Krap
Jens Adriaanse
Jons Duivenvoorden
Kathinka Umbach
Twan Vredendaal
Jochem van Asten
Marko Petkovic

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