Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology to improve quality and efficiency. It provides you with a toolset to systematically improve the performance of processes. ESTIEM offers trainings and Green Belt Courses for Lean Six Sigma. During the event, you will learn from instructors and professionals, while applying your newly gained knowledge in challenging group projects. The event typically lasts five days, after which you will earn a certificate. After the course you can choose to do a Lean Six Sigma related internship, which will then get you your Green Belt. Having a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt does not only provide you with a valuable set of skills, it will also increase your chances at job interviews. For more information, take a look at ESTIEM’s Lean Six Sigma website.  

Carlote Prieto Feldmann
Pau Quilez Cavalle
Sofia Soler Ribelles
Ishaan Sunkur
Jeroen Adams

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