Applied Micro Electronics “AME” B.V. provides solutions within the disciplines of Research, Design, Development, and Manufacturing of electronics, mechatronics, and embedded software. At AME you will be working on a broad scale of projects for customers in the field of offshore, consumer lighting, smart energy, infrastructure, automotive, and building automation. In a team of professionals, you will develop high-tech products in the field of electronics, embedded software, and mechanics. As a young professional you will have the vast attention of your senior mentor who will help you to develop yourself and will introduce you to the relevant training programs.

The project team you will be working in, consists of engineers with various technological backgrounds:

Electronics development

The electronics development group provides state-of-the-art electronics with high quality. The group has a very strong mixed-signal track record, providing solutions with analog components as well as high-speed DSP, complex controls, and RF technology. A key strength is a close cooperation with de Manufacturing unit resulting in excellent Design for Test (DfT), Design for Manufacturing (DfM), and Cost of Goods (CoG).

Embedded software development

The embedded group excels in fast time to market and flexible, yet solid, robust, and thoroughly qualified software. It has strong competencies in microcontroller firmware development, Linux embedded software development, and Windows CE software development on a whole series of platforms and chipsets. They provide custom components but they also leverage a suite of key software components.

Mechanical development

The mechanics group concentrates on product design as well as on the automation of the in-house manufacturing facilities. Product design, including the necessary moulds and tooling is done within this group. Besides that, simulations on strength, lifetime, and user interaction are performed. Special tool, machine, and robot design supports AME operations to highly automate the manufacturing of a complete product.

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