Since our foundation in 2010, Finaps has helped organizations develop IT solutions related to Digital Innovation, Process Optimisation, and Applied Analytics. We trust in the power of innovation and are committed to deliver future-proof business solutions that work.

We have a diverse client portfolio ranging from start-ups and scale-ups to large corporates that have chosen us to deliver customized innovation, while at the same time rejuvenating and optimizing their business and guaranteeing quality.

Our ambitious team has a deep understanding of the market and the technologies we use. We are determined to deliver high-quality IT solutions and we believe that the only way to achieve that is through collaboration with our clients. By really listening to their wishes, understanding what they want to achieve, and being honest about what is possible, we develop IT solutions that take our clients’ business to the next level.

That is why we are the partner of choice for the delivery of high-quality and innovative future-proof business solutions that work.

Our Solutions

Digital Innovation:
Continuous innovation is key, it impacts every aspect of your business operation, but what is successful today can be outdated tomorrow. That is why our digital solutions are future-proof, legacy-free and have a short time-to-market.

Process Optimisation:
Together we create applications that will truly optimise your processes, whether they are internal or client-facing. We help you create more efficient, time saving and cost-effective processes by decreasing human error and improving customer experience.

Applied Analytics:
Using applied analytics, you can make better informed decisions and create data driven processes. We collect, analyse and visualize your data in such a way that it can be applied in the real world.

We are proud of what we do and the solutions that we deliver.

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