Working at Improvers

Real Sales Professionals know best themselves how to achieve top performances. Improvers believes that determining how, where and when you sell produces the best results. Also for the consumer and advertiser. That is why we only work with independent entrepreneurs at Improvers.

As a sales professional you get paid per sale and that means, the more you sell, the more you earn and that can add up. Sales professionals who carry out assignments on the Improvers Platform realize an average hourly rate of more than €50.00. With a few hours a week you can easily convert around €1,000.00. How much you convert depends entirely on your own commitment, drive and talent.

Are you the best Sales Professional in the Netherlands?

Then we believe you are a real go-getter with an eye for quality.

Someone who can listen carefully to the needs of customers and then help them with an offer that

makes everyone happy. One who knows how to turn a no into a yes, but always with respect for the customer and in the right way? Do you get a kick out of closing a sale that leaves all parties feeling good? Then we would like to meet you.

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Who is Improvers?

Improvers is the first and the best direct sales Platform in the market that connects companies (Advertisers), consumers and Sales Professionals (Partners).

We believe that honest, sincere sales where the consumer, the Advertiser and the Partner benefit is the only way to achieve the perfect result.

Our platform is successful thanks to the best A-brands we offer in the sectors Energy, Charity, Media and Lottery. But also the excellent leads and the Partners who are willing and able to perform at the highest level.

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