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As a leading consultancy firm in the field of business planning and control, EyeOn actively supports its clients by improving bottom-line results through forecasting and planning process optimization, and by ensuring that the supply chain is demand driven.  Better planning and control processes positively impact sales, margins, organizational costs and working capital.  This proposition is the driving force behind EyeOn’s vision to be the leading and most innovative company in the area of business planning and control.  And this is the reason why our fast-growing list of global clients includes many market leaders.

EyeOn believes that the pillars of successful planning are efficiency, speed and collaboration, which is why our strategic approach is to optimize these three factors successfully within your company.  Working closely together with our clients, we essentially generate concepts and ideas for improving planning processes.  Our experience shows that optimal planning and control cycles can only be established when functional planning and control processes, e.g. supply chain management, financial, product development, sales, etc., are integrated company wide.  This is why we take a strong multi-disciplinary approach in our work, which includes the re-engineering of processes, the implementation of appropriate tools, change management and project and programme management.

EyeOn has the ability to identify improvement potential, define and apply the required planning models and implement the best solution.  Our tools have been implemented within many different organizations and our model has been applied to diverse markets around the world.  We use checklists, process survey tools and best-in-class maturity models to evaluate current situations and to ensure the shortest time to improvements.  Projects typically deliver results in less than 100 days and have a measurable output. In addition, EyeOn also organizes events at which companies meet and discuss new developments.  These events include inspiration days, round tables and master classes on forecasting and planning related subjects, as well as general network meetings that cover a range of fields, from high-tech, food and FMCG, to life sciences, care and process industries.  Among the participants are many blue-chip companies and key market players who are at the forefront in their respective sectors.

Last, but far from least, an organization is only as good as its people, which is why EyeOn consultants have years of practical experience in their own field combined with a strong multi-disciplinary approach.  They also have line management experience and the capacity to work autonomously. In short, our consultants can make a fast and lasting impact on your bottom-line and are the vital force that makes EyeOn a valuable business partner.

EyeOn organizes and facilitates network meetings so that companies active in markets ranging from high-tech and process industries through food & FMCG to life sciences and care can come together and discuss topics of mutual interest.  A glance at the EyeOn network members on our website will reveal the names of many companies positioned at the forefront of their respective markets.

Since the first of these network meetings was held in 2005, we have organized many similar events and our network has expanded over the years to total well over 150 participating companies across all segments.  At these events, we always exchanged knowledge in an open and accessible fashion because we believe that knowledge grows by sharing it.

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