We work and live more and more in the cloud. Millions of devices communicate through the Internet of Things. With our smartphones, we have the entire world in our pockets. And the best Thing? It’s just getting started. Every day we make life more carefree, more fun and easier. For our five million customers, for the Netherlands and for you.

 As The Network of the Netherlands, we are the enabler of the 24/7 economy. Our high-speed fiber and mobile networks are two of the most critical pieces of infrastructure on which the Dutch economy runs. Through our physical and mobile networks, we connect millions of homes, businesses and mobile customers to each other and the world.

 And KPN is so much more than just a telecommunications company.  KPN Security is the largest IT Security Services provider in the Netherlands and with KPN Health we develop innovative and tailored communications platforms and services for the Dutch healthcare sector. Our venture capital firm KPN Ventures is constantly scouting for opportunities in which to invest and partner with. With over 12.000 colleagues, we are the Human Tech Company of the Netherlands

 Case: KPN Health messenger

 Interested in what KPN has to offer you? At the 36th Industria Congres you will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop where you will go hands on with one of KPN Health’s latest products: the KPN Health messenger.  Healthcare never stops. With the Health messenger, KPN provides healthcare providers with a unique communications platform that is tailored to the specific needs and challenges within the healthcare sector. By providing new modes of communication, care takers can remotely monitor those in need of care. A visit to the GP can be complemented or even substituted by a video call. The possibilities truly are endless. We want to challenge you to build upon this innovation and surprise us with new use-cases, new functionalities of the platform or entirely new possibilities making use of other KPN innovations.

 During this case you will also learn more about the diverse work we do at KPN and get to know our award winning Traineeship, the KPN Young Talent Program. Not able to make it to the workshop? Be sure to speak to one of the KPN trainees at the network drinks for any questions you might have. Already curious about the possibilities?  Check

Sneak preview in the life of our Young Talents, follow us: