Location: Amsterdam
E-mail: SanneScheffers@Optiver.com
Website: http://www.optiver.com/amsterdam/

Thirty years ago, Optiver started business as a single trader on the floor of the Amsterdam’s Options exchange. Today we are at the forefront of trading and technology, employing over 950 Optiverians from over 40 nationalities in Amsterdam, Chicago, Sydney and Shanghai.

We stick to what we’re good at: making markets in a wide range of financial products.

With 12 datacenters and thousands of servers world-wide we run tens of thousands of trading components, responding to changes within microseconds. We execute thousands of trades every day.

We visualise and analyse events occurring on the exchanges and within our own systems in real-time. Our network of distributed systems handles terabytes of data on daily basis. All of our systems are developed in-house, predominantly using C++, C# and Python.

In our pursuit of excellence every move we make is a deliberate one. We look for technologists who care deeply about every line of code written, who understand the impact of their decisions, and seek immediate feedback on their work in our production environment.