Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs goes GLOBAL!

Do you want to go to the US, Israel or Singapore to gain entrepreneurial experience? This is your chance! Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Global builds on the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme with the aim to extend the geographical borders beyond Europe. The three beautiful destinations are: the USA (states New York and Pennsylvania), Israel and Singapore.

The entrepreneurial exchange lasts between 1-3 months for European New Entrepreneurs (open only for European residents). You will receive a grant, a lump sum to cover travel costs (between €600,- and €800,-) as well as a monthly subsistence allowance of €1000,-  which are offered by the EU.

The EYE Global is an entrepreneurship exchange mentoring programme. Its aim is personal exchange of knowledge and experience between an aspiring or newly established entrepreneur and a seasoned, experienced entrepreneur. The exchange is based on a win-win situation whereby both sides have the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge. Typically, for the new entrepreneur, it would be acquiring experience and advice from an experienced entrepreneur; developing international contacts, acquiring knowledge about foreign markets. On the other hand, the Host Entrepreneurs, get the opportunity to access new skills and innovative knowledge; work with a fresh mind contributing to new ideas; gain ‘intelligence’ about foreign markets; establish new business partnerships with an entrepreneur from Europe.

Of course, you can also participate in EYE Europe. Interested? Be quick, there are limited spots available. Drop us a line! @ or visit our website to read success stories: