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Below there are some impressions of the previous edition of the Industria Congres.

36th Edition: 24/7 Economy: Always At Your Service


35th Edition: Digital Transformation

The 35th edition took place on December 4th 2018 at Pullman Hotel Eindhoven.

his year’s theme is “Digital Transformation: A New Way of Working”. Digital Transformation describes the way in which technologies are integrated into an organization with the aim of fundamental change in the core activities. Moreover, Digital Transformation describes the way in which an organization brings value to the customer after this technology is actually integrated.

34th Edition: Sustainable Business

This 34th edition took place on December 6th 2017 at Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven.

“The future offers many opportunities. The Dutch economy is growing and new innovations are everyday’s business. This combination offers Dutch companies, both large and small, the possibility to grow rapidly in the future.

To find the balance between a sustainable future and a healthy  financial position on the short term is a challenge to a business.  Current students and future employees are facing an unique, yet difficult task: the unification of what seems to be each other’s  opposites in order to establish a sustainable profit.”

Therefore, the theme of the 34th edition was “Sustainable Business: The Road to Green Profit”.