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Download the Declaration Form here!

    On this page, you can find the online declaration form.

    Step 1: Fill in your name and the date of submission in the fields below.
    Step 2: Download the declaration form via the link below, open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader and click on 'Enable all Features.'
    Step 3: Fill in the declaration form via Adobe Acrobat Reader. A declaration form is not complete and valid until it is signed! In order to sign the declaration form, go to 'Fill and Sign', click on 'Place Signature' and draw your signature or submit a digital signature. Go to the Signature space in the form and click on the button 'Place Signature'. If all the required fields are filled in, make sure to upload a photo or copy of your receipt (incl. vat or btw) in the box on the second page of the declaration form.
    Step 4: After this, make sure to save the declaration form on your computer and upload it in the submit field below.
    Step 5: Do not forget to click on the submit button when you finished all previous steps!

    If the pdf-file is too large to upload, use the following link to make it more compact:

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