Game Lunch

The Villa

Are you a first-year student and want to get to know your fellow first-year students and Industria, then make sure to come to the game lunch @TheVilla

CITI Session

The Villa

Our International Pilar CITI will organise an drink to network with people who love to travel.
If you love traveling, like exploring new cultures and that all for a low price, make sure to come to the CITI Session!

Bring your house Drink

The Villa

Come join the drink together with your housemates or friends!🍻

F.A.C.U.L.T.I. Jungle Party

't Lempke Stratumseind 28-30, Eindhoven

Join us in 't Lempke for a Jungle themed party, and win prizes in the beer contest!

Lunch session: dealing with change

During this lunch session you can have a talk with a small group of fellow students about the topic 'dealing with change'. If you are interested in tips and would like to share your opinions, then come join this lunch session!  

(pre-)Master students drink (first-years)

The Villa

Are you a first-year (pre-)master student and do you want to get to know your fellow students? Then join this activity! You will participate in a pub quiz during this drink, get free pizza and have lots of fun!

Business Trip

The Business Trip will go to Dublin this year! During this trip, multiple companies will be visited and we will also have a Tour around the campus of Trinity college, one of the most respected universities in Ireland. Next to this, we will explore the night life in Dublin and enjoy some beers! The Business …

Business Trip Read More »

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Industria Congress 2022

Are you joining the 39th edition of the biggest event from Industria, the Industria Congress on the 22nd of November?

SCOPE goes Digital

As of September, the SCOPE will no longer be sent to everyone. If you still want to pick up a physical SCOPE at the boardroom, please buy a free ticket here! The ticket will be valid for the whole academic year of 2022-2023.


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