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Every year Industria makes an overview of its events in the amazing Industria Yearbook. To get a good overview and limit the yearbooks that are not picked up, you can now sign up for a yearbook! So fill in the forms if you are interested in having a yearbook that gives a great overview of …

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TBKx 2023 – Success Stories

Domusdela Kanaalstraat 4, Eindhoven

TBKx 2023 – Success stories: behind every success is an even better story 

Listen to five inspiring speakers talk about their experience with success. In the upcoming days leading up to the event, we will be announcing the speakers one by one.

Meet the Partners Dinner

Each year, Industria organizes a Meet the Partners Dinner for our members to get to know our partners better. This year, the following partners will join the Meet the Partners Dinner: Accenture, DAF, DPD, DOW, Finaps, Footlocker, Jumbo and ProDrive. 

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Travel Lunch

The Villa

Our International Pillar CITI will organise a lunch to network with people who love to travel and update you about their progress.
If you love traveling, like exploring new cultures and that all for a low price, make sure to come to the travel lunch!

Industria Weekend

The Industria Weekend will take place on the weekend from the 2nd of June until the 4th of June. Join us on this lovely trip! Be aware: you will need a car to get to the location. Make sure that you have a car with a group of 4 or 5.

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