Lunch Lecture Itility

The Villa

Lunch Lecture Itility about Industry 4.0
Buy a ticket to get free Lunch!


Alumnia Dinner

Boca Grande Dommelstraat 17, Eindhoven

Have free dinner and start networking with Alumnia!


Lunch Lecture DAF

Lunch Lecture DAF
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Business Trip

Join us to the beautiful Barcelona for this year's Business Trip!


Lunch Lecture ASML

The Villa

Lunch Lecture by ASML
about High Tech Supply Chain Challenges


Industria Congress 2023

Evoluon Noord Brabantlaan 1A, Eindhoven

Get to know many interesting companies during the Industria Congress 2023!


Congress Board Infolunch

Are you interested in organizing the next Industria Congress? Make sure to join the infolunch!


High Wine

The Villa

A High Wine is a networking event where you can have in-depth conversations with interesting companies under the pleasure of a good wine and appetizer!
Mars, Procter & Gamble, and ITrainee will join this edition and you can get to know all three companies better. 

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