App Knaklunch

On the 26th of April from 1230-1330, you will receive a free broodje knakworst when you download the Industria App. So come get your free broodje knakworst at the Villa ;)

170th General Assembly

Luna 1240

On Monday the 30th of May, the 170th General Assembly will take place.

Lunch session: Learn to say ‘NO’

Atlas 6.318

During this lunch session you can have a talk with a small group of fellow students about the topic 'Learn to say NO'.  In this session a professional will also be present to give tips and advice.


First-year Committee Subscriptions Q1

In a few months time, after we have all hopefully enjoyed a nice summer break, the academic year will start again. With that, the new committees for Q1+Q2 will also start.

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