Quartile Closer: Battle of the Committees

The Villa

To celebrate the end of the 3rd quartile, come and join the drink on the 18th of April. During this quartile closer the committees will battle it out to crown […]

Intercultural Night

On Wednesday night, April 24th, an intercultural night will be organized at the Villa. During this night, you will be able to get a taste of several different cultures. Feel […]

Freshmen Activity

For all the first years a pubcrawl on Stratum will be organized, tickets will follow soon but save the date!

Tappers Wanted Drink

The Villa

Would you enjoy working behind the bar in The Villa, drafting beers at big parties, and having fun with a close friend group of Tappers? Then join us for the […]

Villa Festival


Save the date for this Lustrum Villafeest!

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