Saint Nicholas – Yearbook Drink

Come collect some beers and gifts (among which the yearbook!) at the drink on the 8th of December.
We hope to see you there!­čŹ╗­čÄü

Theme Drink

On the 15th of December, there will be a theme drink in The Villa. 

Make sure to bring all of your friends to enjoy cheap beer.

Hope to see you there!

Lean Six Sigma information lunch

On the 20th of December, there will be a CITI session. 

Do you like to travel? Are you interested in all kinds of travel stories and do you want to know how to travel really cheap?

Then the CITI session is something for you!

Get your ticket now.


On Thursday the 16th of February, the most exciting student carnivalfestinal will take place again. 
Because then it is time for Pull├╗hrijk!
Save the date!

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