Pullûh Vullûh


Come celebrate the start of the academic year with us during one of our biggest parties, Pûlluh Vûlluh!


Pre-Lustrum Drink

The Villa

Come enjoy some beers before the XII Lustrum Opening Party!🍺

Business Trip Drink

The Villa

Come join the drink to enjoy some fresh beers! 🍺 The third-years will have an opportunity to subscribe for this years Business Trip. This year the trip will take place from the 14th of November until the 17th of November and the students will go to Barcelona!

Mix & Match Drink

The Villa

This thursday it's all about finding out if your team has the right match! Upon arrival, you'll receive a colored bracelet granting access to various activities and, of course, beer. Show your bracelet to the tappers whenever you're getting a beer, as this will earn your team points. From 18:00 to 19:00, there are games …

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Congress Subscription Drink

Are you ready for the next Congress? This Thursday come join the subscription drink and secure your ticket for this year's Congress while enjoying a beer!🍺


Get a free pizza, free drinks and come to the Pre-F.A.C.U.L.T.I. before the F.A.C.U.L.T.I. party


Gala Subscription Drink

The Villa

Get your Annual Industria Gala tickets at this Thursday's drink! Come join some beers while getting your ticket!✨🍾

Exam Drink

The Villa

Come unwind and enjoy a beer during this Exam Drink!🍺📚

Quartile Closer – Oktoberfest

The Villa

Prost!🍺 Celebrate the end of the exam week at the Oktoberfest in The Villa! Drink half-liters beers and Weizen and enjoy our special biergarten with all its beer-estafettes. Put on your nicest lederhosen or dirndl and we will see you then! Tschüss!

Alumnia Thesis Awards

On the 15th of November, the next edition of the Alumnia Thesis Awards will take place! During this evening, multiple graduates will pitch their thesis and the best thesis will be awarded. The best thesis is chosen by the audience that consists of Alumnia members, master students and employees of the TU/e. After the pitches, …

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C.I.T.I. Exchange Drink

The Villa

Join us for an exciting evening, as we will raise a glass for the upcoming C.I.T.I. Exchange to the South! Are you also tired of the endless grey and rainy days? Do you have little money but have a desire to travel? Do you want to meet like-minded Industrial Engineering students from abroad? Do you …

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Lustrum-Week Opening

Join us on Thursday, November 23rd from 12:30 to 13:30 in The Villa as we kick off Industria's XII Lustrum. Raise a glass of champagne to sixty years of Industria and enjoy the delicious lustrum tompouces as we launch into a week of celebration with multiple great events! Also, the upcoming special event of the …

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Lustrum-Week Drink

🍻 Come and celebrate with us at our upcoming Constitution drink! On Thursday, November 23rd, we kick off our Lustrum Week with a bang during our constitution drink. This is a special event to congratulate and welcome the 60th board of Industria. Here are some details you won't want to miss: Location: The Villa. The …

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Lustrum-Week Hangover Lunch

Join us at The Villa on Friday, November 24th from 12:30 to 13:30 for a delightful Hangover Lunch, the perfect remedy after the Constitution drink! Enjoy two  fresh “worstenbroodjes" that will cure any hangover. Come and relax in the company of the hungover board members from the Constitution drink the day before. It is completely …

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Yearbook + Sinterklaas Drink

The Villa

Our Yearbook committee worked hard last year to capture all your memories in one book. Come and join this drink to get your own Dino themed yearbook with a personal message from the committee!🦕

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